Mistakes made when creating surveys

The top 5 mistakes when creating surveys and forms

These are the top 5 common mistakes that are made when people create online surveys and forms.

1. Having questions in an incorrect order

It’s important for the participant to be easily able to navigate the survey.

2. Question settings

Settings for each question such as required or check a number of options can make it tricky for participants to be able to submit the survey/form. It’s Important to test your survey thoroughly

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3. Not testing surveys prior to launch

It is possible for you to make an error whilst constructing your form such as requiring an answer from a question that could not potentially require an answer, or setting up the survey login incorrectly and sending your participants in a loop!

Testing is so important! We can test your survey for you, just drop our support an email

4. Spelling mistakes and errors in the copy

Spelling mistakes and silly errors in the copy are very common mistakes that make your survey/form look unprofessional. Be sure to get someone to check over this prior to launch.

5. Publishing your survey/form before it’s ready for realease

Quite often you are in a hurry to start collecting responses and will post a link out to your Facebook group before you have finished testing your survey/form.

It is much harder to go back and update your form/survey after launch as you may skew your results or find that some forms are now missing information.

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